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What is the Sling Pitcher Pitching Machine?

Baseball Pitching Machine & Softball Pitching Machines For Sale That Are Affordable For Batting Practice & Fielding Practice. A Wonderful Training Aid For Coaches. The best training aid on the market.The Sling Pitcher pitching is an affordable and easy to use baseball and softball pitching machine. It is a manual pitching machine that can reach speeds up to 70 mph using regulation baseballs and can reach speeds up to 80 mph using tennis balls or light weight foam and perforated plastic practice balls. The Sling Pitcher is great for fast pitch softball, baseball, little league teams, youth teams, or simply for family fun! Used as a softball pitching machine, it will pitch regulation softballs 50-55 mph with ease. 

The Sling Pitcher is quite simply an easy to use training aid for both softball and baseball. Every Sling Pitcher comes with a set of fly ball adapters, turning it into a training machine that will throw regulation baseball fly balls to over 150 feet vertically. A truly affordable baseball and softball pitching machine.  

The Sling Pitcher manual pitching machine comes with a carrying case, twelve lightweight practice balls, and an extra set of elastics.Two very unique add-on accessories are the Sling Turret, a swivel base that allows instant rotation to any part of the field, making it an even greater outfield practice tool, and the Sling Guard, a portable protective screen that protects the operator from returned balls from heavy hitters.These accessories make the Sling Pitcher the most complete training machine ever developed for youth baseball and softball players.Even with these additional add-on accessories, our pitching machine is still the most competitively priced pitching machine on the market. 

Standard electric wheeled baseball pitching machines are expensive, heavy, and require electricity.They are also dangerous, due not only to the spinning wheels, but due to power cords or generators that must be used. Once the time consuming calibration is done, the wheeled pitching machines throw every pitch in the same location and at the same speed until the pitching machine is re calibrated.The Sling Pitcher allows the operator to control the speed and location of every pitch.It is a lightweight pitching machine, weighing only 16 pounds, making it easy to carry and transport.
The Sling Pitcher pitching machine breaks down easily into a carrying case the size of a mid-size duffel bag and can even be carried using the convenient backpack feature.

Our pitching machine is extremely versatile, and can be used either as a softball pitching machine or a baseball pitching machine with no adjustments required or extra parts to carry around.Since it is a completely softball and baseball pitching machine, it can be set up in under a minute at any field or park. 

The most affective pitch in either baseball or softball is the change-up or off-speed pitch.No pitching machine on the market today, even for a lot more money, can simulate this pitch as well as the Sling Pitcher. 

In today's economy, spending thousands of dollars on a new baseball pitching machine or a softball pitching machine is not feasible. Even if teams can afford the more expensive, though less effective pitching machines, the cost of the Sling Pitcher allows teams to have several Sling Pitchers for less cost than a single wheeled pitching machine.  Parents can even have their own at home for back yard practice and fun. This aid for practice will help you effectively train your team on both batting and fielding practice. It is very user friendly and can even be used by younger children safely for fly ball practice without having to have a coach or adult right with them. Take a moment to read our past customer testimonials. We are extremely proud of our product and we have discovered it to be a wonderful tool for training. The Sling Pitcher is affordable and truly does speed up batting and fielding practice.

As you can tell, we are very passionate about sports. We set out to invent a product that would revolutionize how teams train for games. Our goal was simple, to create a device that is easy to use, affordable, and that would get results. Over the years we have received countless testimonials on how using our system improved performance and decreased training time. Coaches today are under immense pressure to win. While they try to balance cost and effective training procedures, often times this tack can be difficult. This is where Sling Pitcher comes in. We believe the Sling Pitcher is the greatest invention for youth baseball and softball of this generation.

Imagine how difficult it can be to coach a team these days. There is a limited budget and a small window of time to get things done. The coach spends countless hours prepping for their team before and after practice. Our device is light weight and takes only a few minutes to set up. There is no need to roll out cords for power, and no need for costly maintenance. Our system can be trained for use in a matter of minutes as well. An excellent option for batting, fielding and catching. If you get our turret, you can launch fly balls to outfielders in seconds. The turret allows you to pivot quickly and accurately. For batting practice, you can adjust height and speed of pitches to simulate real life game play. You can also train inside the bases fielding procedures for first base, second, short stop and third.

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